Baldwin Filters

PureForce® Hydraulic System

To improve system cleanliness, Baldwin Filters developed the PureForce hydraulic filter product line as an alternative for medium-pressure hydraulic assemblies.

Baldwin’s PureForce product line brings many advantages, including the ability to consistently outperform the leading competitor. Baldwin PureForce filters, bases and self-housed indicators all work together to protect hydraulic systems.

Filters Made for Harsh Conditions

PureForce FilterBaldwin’s PureForce filters are engineered to withstand extreme conditions created by medium-pressure hydraulic systems, with working pressure up to 500 psi and flow rates up to 50 gpm.

Highest Possible Structural Integrity
Baldwin’s PureForce hydraulic filters feature a die cast aluminum baseplate locked in place by a patent pending L-Lock™ hem — eliminating leaks due to the integrity of the housing seal.

Superior Burst Pressure
Lab and field testing show that PureForce filters have the highest level of burst and fatigue characteristics — with PureForce exceeding the leading competitor’s published burst pressure specifications by an average of 65%.

Greater Consistency
PureForce filters test at higher average levels on a more consistent basis — providing the most reliable medium-pressure hydraulic spin-on. This greatly reduces the possibility of unexpected downtime due to a failed filter.

Bases Feature Superior Strength

To improve durability and enhance system performance, Baldwin designed a two-piece base featuring die cast aluminum construction with an integral threaded steel stud.

The Baldwin design offers several advantages over competitive offerings:

Improved Strength
The threaded steel stud is stronger than aluminum studs used by the leading competitor.

Increased Durability
PureForce bases reduce the possibility of galling, which is caused by similar metals fusing together.

Enhanced System Performance
The threaded steel stud allows for a 40% increase of the flow area over bases with aluminum studs that require heavier, thicker side walls. The increased flow area results in a lower pressure drop and extended service time.

By-Pass Options
PureForce bases are available with or without 25 and 50 psi integral by-pass valves.

Indicator Placement Options
PureForce bases have the unique capability to accommodate indicators on either side to facilitate mounting versatility.

Indicators Maximize Filter Life

Indicators are essential to maximizing the life of a replacable hydraulic filter. Baldwin offers a visual indicator and three types of electrical indicators.

Visual Indicators
The PureForce visual indicator is self-housed and features a
pop-out button, which is triggered via magnetic force. Once triggered, the PureForce indicator stays activated even when the hydraulic system is shut down.

Electrical Indicators
Baldwin’s electrical indicators are available in three styles. The PureForce electrical indicators are self-housed units that do not rely on base geometry for proper activation.

Single-Post Indicator. Designed for mobile applications with DC voltage, the single-post indicator is compact in design and can be used when the filter base is grounded. The single-post design utilizes piston travel to ground the post to the switch housing.

2-Wire Indicator. Also intended for DC voltage applications, the
2-wire indicator can be used in applications where the housing is not grounded. The 2-wire indicator utilizes a magnet, which interacts with a reed switch through the walls of the indicator housing to provide clean on/off switching.

3-Wire Indicator. For use in AC or DC voltage applications, the
3-wire electrical indicator is the ideal choice where 3-wire logic is being used. This versatile indicator is micro-switch activated.

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