Baldwin Filters

Extreme Performance Air Filters

Ideally suited to demanding high dust environments, Baldwin's Extreme Performance air filters offer fleet operators significant benefits over conventional cellulose-only media:

      Higher initial efficiency for greater engine protection and life

     Greater capacity for extended filter replacement intervals

Baldwin's Extreme Performance air filters utilize ProTura® nanofiber technology. ProTura nanofiber, bonded to cellulose media, provides unequalled performance, particularly with submicron contaminants.

The Baldwin Design
ProTura nanofiber air filters feature a lattice-like structure composed of submicron diameter fibers bonded to cellulose media. This structure provides filtration that is markedly different from that which can be achieved with conventional cellulose media alone.

With ProTura media, fine contaminant particles - down to the submicron level - tend to load on the media surface rather than penetrating deeper into the media. The result is higher initial contaminant removal efficiency and lower flow restriction.

Over time, these submicron particles tend to form a "cake" of contaminant on the media surface and, from normal application vibration, tend to fall from the media to the bottom of the housing (on the dirty side of the filter). More submicron particles then collect on the filter surface and this process is continuously repeated. The contaminant is removed from the housing by the housing dust ejector. As a result, the filter is able to capture greater amounts of contaminant than filters with conventional media during a normal service interval. Extreme Performance filters enable extended filter replacement intervals.

While nanofiber cannot be seen with the naked eye, the Baldwin ProTura base sheet is yellow to distinguish it from conventional media. All Baldwin Extreme Performance heavy-duty air filters will be identified with an "XP" part number suffix.

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